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Overdrive - epiphany of lux


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The goal of any person, with any lifestyle, is to increase their energy and performance and to decrease recovery time after stress or work. OverDrive is a supplement that supports individuals in trying to achieve their fitness goals; to help them overcome the barriers of fatigue, slow recovery rate and even pain. 

If you:

  • feel like your kids are draining the life out of you
  • get that 3 o'clock sluggish feeling
  • get tired from travelling
  • love an alcoholic beverage (or 5)
  • are a gym junkie
  • have muscle soreness that hinders your workouts
  • "all of the above"..!?

Our OVERDRIVE supplement is a must!! It gives you energy like a slow release fertiliser. Using B-vitamins, antioxidants, mineral co-factors, proteolytic enzymes, and electrolytes to promote normal energy metabolism!

Size: 90 tablets per bottle


For daily (slow release) energy requirements take two tablets each morning. Can also be taken one hour before exercise and one hour after exercise. Refer to chart below for recommended dosage.

BODY WEIGHT (kg) 45 - 59kg 59 - 72kg 73 - 88kg 88kg +
Exercise Duration        
30 minutes to 1 hour 1 1 1-2 1-2
1 hour to 2 hours 1-2 1-2 2 2
2 hours + 2-3 2-3 3 3-4


OverDrive contains antioxidant ingredients in the form of betacarotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals such as new added ingredient selenium. These antioxidants, together with citrus bioflavonoids fight free radicals, which can damage your cells while exercising. Antioxidants help in the recovery from exercise. OverDrive contains vitamins and minerals and the new ingredient folic acid for additional nutritional support that your body requires to help you perform in peak condition. Folic acid can assist in maintaining normal blood. Folic acid deficiency causes macrocytic anaemia in which red blood cells are fewer in number, larger in size and contains less oxygen-carrying haemoglobin than normal cells. Symptoms of anaemia can be lethargy, breathlessness and poor body temperature regulation. These vitamins and minerals can aid in enhancing your performance during exercise.