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Are you worrying yourself sick dealing with stressful situations throughout the day? Are you restless, tired, getting less than eight hours of sleep every night, or generally run-down? Are you dieting and trying to lose weight? Lacking mental focus and performing at sub-optimal levels? If so, you may also suffer from elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Cortisol, a necessary compound for the restoration of depleted energy stores, is produced by your body in response to stressful events. The occasional release of this "fight-or-flight" hormone is essential to our ability to respond to emergency situations, but too much cortisol in response to the daily stresses of our increasingly hectic and busy lives leads us into a downward spiral of health problems.

Health experts in past decades have identified key deterrents to living healthily. In the 1980s it was elevated cholesterol and its role in the development of heart disease. In the early '90s it was free radicals and their effect on disease progression and ageing. Researchers today are discovering cortisol is the next principal deterrent to good health. Numerous studies demonstrate prolonged exposure to cortisol is associated with numerous health issues.

These supps are one of our most popular products - formulated to help manage stress and get a full night's rest! Give them a try and start showing up everyday as your best self! 

Size: Each bottle contains 60 capsules


Take two tablets with 250 mL of liquid with your evening meal. For optimal results, take an additional one tablet with 250 mL of liquid with your morning meal.